nen nylasophy



We give an account of our lives in a dynamic style: tasting, listening, watching, touching and smelling; we experience the things around us, gently sorting out our feelings about the world, and express from it the harvest of our senses.  We portray life in a natural way, letting all perceptions and ideas take place naturally in this space.   Our creations and actions, tangible or otherwise, are reflections of our philosophies. This space is like a time vessel, deftly recording life, bearing an organic dream.


On the ideas we embrace


We prefer natural elements: the things we take from nature are only those that are essential for life’s needs; they are the most ideal starting point for creative work. At the same time it is a way to refine our lives, as we learn to seek the most primitive manifestations of things and to let things start from their simplest, purest state.


We believe that imagination is the strongest force; it can take us anywhere. The nature of thinking about things is an unending stream of creativity originating from deep thinking, encircling the kernel of an idea but with no set boundaries. We are convinced that the all-encompassing ideas in creativity are an assemblage of all facets of thinking; something gained from a nonsingular element. We never set boundaries, instead boldly seeking more possibilities.In this project, we distill our lives dynamically in a conceptualized, organic, story-like manner. It is like a kaleidoscope of life: you see innumerable slices of life reflected in it, but it actually originates from a complete picture. It is like an ever-transforming painting: since it has no set date of completion, it will continue being created; time will record its growth and accumulate its depth.